ALPHA GEM STUDIO - Audio HQ Mastering

Audio High Quality Digital (Analog) Mastering to your needs no matter what music style, adding analog warmth, clarity, airiness, depth and perfect sounding for physical CD Release and Digital Release thru CDBaby, iTunes and AmazonMP3. MASTERING RATES:

*Pricing includes HQ Mastering service and ISRC registration. Depending on your needs, delivery output files and formats : Aiff, Wav, Red Book Audio CD (Sequencing, CD Text, ISRC Encoding.) or Mp3 (320 kpbs or 192 kpbs.) **For the extra features like vocal tuning, full mixdown (+sidechain) or 4 channels analog summing (bassdrum, bassline, 2 channels with own choice for extra analog reverb, distortion or other effects) are separate rates besides the standard mastering pricing per song (track). For these options separated wav files from all intruments parts separately needed. For option vocal tuning a separated clean vocal wav recording needed. Audio HQ Mastering in α-GEM Studio from Castor6 Records.