Pugnax Studio Doors Drawers Kontakt Library

Doors and Drawers Kontakt Library is audio VST plugin used to creates open and close door or drawer effect in game, films or other project. You can modify your sound without entirely having...


Valiant Samples Quartarone Guitar Reveries

A new cinematic electric guitar instrument that will expand your imagination. Capturing the avant garde sound of one of Europe's greatest guitarists and composers, Claudio Quartarone, we...


Synth Panels Designer Available As A Free Download Soundmit and Faselunare have introduced a new tool, Synth Panels Designer, that’s designed for creating user interfaces for synthesizers.

Synth Panels Designer is a free extension for Inkscape 1.0, an open source vector graphics software.

Synth Panels Designer includes support for creating panels in the following formats:

  • Eurorack 3U
  • Eurorack 1U
  • VCV Rack
  • Moog
  • Dotcom
  • Buchla
  • Serge
  • Fracrack

The app includes over 140 parameters to customize your panel designs.

Pricing and Availability

Synth Panel Designer is available as a free download. It requires Inkscape, which is a free, open source app that’s available for Linux, Mac & Windows....

Argentinian synth maker GS Music shared this preview of the latest Apollo analog synthesizer prototype, with a little Aquatarkus by Emerson Lake and Palmer.

The GS Apollo I is an analog monophonic synthesizer. It has two voltage controlled oscillators (VCO), a mixer, a voltage controlled filter and a voltage controlled amplifier (VCA). Modulation options include three LFOs and two ADSR envelope generators.

Unlike many retro-inspired analog synths, the Apollo I has patch memory and can save 32 presets.

Details are available at the GS Music site....

Modal Electronics Skulpt Update Adds MPE Support More

Modal Electronics has released v2.0 of the firmware for its Skulpt synthesizer.

The free update introduces MPE support, new arpeggiator options, new tuning features and more.

Here’s what’s new in Skulpt firmware 2.0:


  • MPE support – Skulpt now supports MPE-compatible MIDI controllers, allowing you to apply polyphonic control and expression to individual notes
  • Sustain / Arp Latch Mode – Press and release a note / chord to sustain it, press a new note / chord to overwrite the existing one. This functions as a classic arp hold that can also be used when the arp is off. Hold the ‘Sustain’ button for one second when turning on sustain to enable Sustain Latch Mode, turning off sustain will clear the latch mode.
  • MIDI-in Octave global setting – a new setting for allowing the keyboard octave parameter to also affect MIDI-in notes

The update also includes other improvements and bug fixes.

See the Modal site for details....

xoxos ideal

ideal 2d circular membrane synthesizer.