Ivosight updates Soundop Audio Editor to v1.9.5.0 for Windows

Ivosight has updated Soundop Audio Editor, a Windows application for audio recording, editing, mixing and mastering, to version

Add the...

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AIR Music Technology OPx-4 Pro Motion Expansion

Pro Motion is an expansion pack that not only enriches your sonic experience with 200 meticulously crafted sounds for the OPx-4 synth, but also injects rhythmic vitality into your compositions....

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Applied Acoustics Systems Split Personality

Split Personality is a sound pack for the Chromaphone 3 and AAS Player plug-ins made in collaboration with Polish sound designer Adam Pietruszko.

As its name implies, Split...

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AAS releases Split Personality sound pack for Chromaphone 3 and AAS Player

AAS has announced the release of the Split Personality sound pack for the Chromaphone 3 and AAS Player plug-ins in collaboration with Polish sound designer Adam Pietruszko.


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Kalide releases Collage Multi-Effects Plug-in v2.0

Kalide has released Collage 2.0, a major update of the multi-effects plug-in environment.

Collage 2.0 includes many user suggested features such as the ability to assign multiple...

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Fuse Audio Labs releases VREV-63 Surf Spring Reverb with Intro Offer

Fuse Audio Labs has released VREV-63, a virtual spring reverb plug-in for macOS and Windows in VST2, VST3, AU and AAX plug-in formats.

Fuse Audio Labs say:


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Nembrini Audio releases Nexus Subhost/Standalone Plugin Host with Intro Offer

Nembrini Audio has released Nexus Subhost/Standalone Plugin Host, an audio processing tool that claims to offer "high-quality sound manipulation capabilities" in both standalone...

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Nembrini Audio NA Nexus Subhost/Standalone Plugin Host

Nexus is an audio processing tool that offers high-quality sound manipulation capabilities in both standalone and plugin formats.


Nexus is a plugin that...

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CARP Audio releases APM Live - Realtime Automatic Pitch Modulation Plugin

CARP Audio has released APM Live, a digitally recreated 'Mod Wheel' powered by a time-stretching algorithm offering real-time pitch modulation that syncs with your project tempo.

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SlapAsSound Unique FREE vst-s & SFX2

SFX 2 is the perfect companion to your free SFX 1 which you can download here: https://www.slapassound.com/sfx1

Remember, after your free download, you will also receive some...

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SoundsDivine Director's Cut Vol.1

'Director's Cut Vol.2' features 150 sounds for U-he Diva.

Inspired by movies like Star Wars, Interstellar, The Edge Of Tomorrow, The Abyss and of course Blade Runner, this set...

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Sonicsmiths Piano In Blue

Piano In Blue captures the historic sound of the very same Steinway D Concert Grand Piano recorded at Columbia Records for Miles Davis' "Kind Of Blue," and Glenn Gould's "Goldberg Variations."...

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Musik Hack Master Plan

Get radio-ready masters in minutes with Master Plan.

Powerful mastering in a fast workflow. Algorithmically superior loudness. Mastering-grade analog &...

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CARP Audio APM Live

The Automatic Universal Mod Wheel
At its core, 'APM Live' is a Universal Mod Wheel using a polished Time-Stretching Algorithm for modulating pitch in Realtime. Which is useful all in itself...

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HoRNet updates MBC Multi Band Compressor to v1.0.3

HoRNet has released an update to MBC, the visual multi band compressor with automatic settings.

The 1.0.3 update is a bug fix release and includes:
Increased auto threshold...

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patchpool Liquid Motion for Infiltrator 2

Liquid Motion for Infiltrator 2, the multi-effect processor by Devious Machines contains 104 presets spanning a wide range of patches for processing musical instruments, drums and percussion,...

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Akai Professional releases MPC Key 37

Akai Professional has announced the release of MPC Key 37, saying:

The standalone music production platform continues to evolve and is ready to usher in a new generation of...

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Bjt2 updates free Crescendo programmable VST plugin to v1.0.99 for Windows

Bjt2 has updated the free Crescendo plugin to version 1.0.99 with various enhancements and bug fixes.

Changes in 1.0.99 from 1.0.90:

UI: added drag&drop...

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Baby Audio releases Atoms - Physical Modeling Synthesizer

BABY Audio has released Atoms, their new synth plugin, employing physical modeling to produce an array of both organic and otherworldly sounds.

BABY Audio Atoms...

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BABY Audio Atoms

Synthesis from the other side
Atoms is a new kind of synth plugin that uses cutting edge physical modeling to generate an endless variety of organic and otherworldly sounds. Use it to build...

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