Roland Cloud updated to v5.6 - introduces SRX Keyboards Software Synthesizer

Roland Cloud updated to v5.6 - introduces SRX Keyboards Software Synthesizer

Roland has announced the release of the SRX Keyboards Software Synthesizer for Roland Cloud, a virtual recreation of an early-2000s SRX expansion board that was originally only available...


mzuther updates K-Meter to v2.8.0 for Windows and Linux

mzuther has updated K-Meter to v2.8.0. Changes: Fixed crash on seemingly random Windows systems (disabled AAX, enabled SSE2). Optimized dithering. Reset meters on start...


New Synth Module Goes From WTF To OMFG

Dove Audio has updated their new Window Transform Function (WTF) module – a new oscillator design for Euro and 5U systems – adding wavetable morphing.

The unique oscillator design features the ability to essentially ‘layer’ two different waveshapes, and then wipe a window between the two shapes, under CV control.

New Synth Module Goes From WTF To OMFGThe WTF will be available in both Euro and 5U formats.

Here’s what designer Paula Maddox has to say about the new mode:

Rather than just having 32 static waveforms, you can now seamlessly morph from one to the next, and all under full CV control, of course.

We’ve added this to both front and rear waveforms, but we’re also adding an option jumper to the back of the module so you can select if you want this on both, one, or neither of the waveforms.

This new feature, combined with our unique window transform function takes the WTF oscillator to a whole new level of sonic prowess.

Dove Audio is producing the WTF module via a Kickstarter project and has already reached their funding goal, with another two weeks to go in their campaign.

Maddox has also announced a stretch goal. If the project reaches 150% funding, the PCB and panel will be updated to shrink the panel size for the Eurorack version from 20HP to 16HP.

See the project site for details....

Watch Andy Wallace Mix Avenged Sevenfold's "Natural Born Killer."

Watch Andy Wallace Mix Avenged Sevenfold'sWatch Andy Wallace Mix Avenged Sevenfold's

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Roland Announces "SRX Keyboards"

Roland AnnouncesRoland Announces

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Novation Circuit v1.7 is here!

Novation Circuit v1.7 is here!Novation Circuit v1.7 is here!

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