Drumdrops Shoegaze Kit

The Shoegaze Kit is a wonderfully trashy selection of drum samples recorded during the sessions for our Shoegaze album. We used a vintage Slingerland with a Radioking snare, recorded with...

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Techivation releases M-Puncher - Transient Shaper

Techivation has announced the release of M-Puncher, a level-independent plug-in that adds punch and low-end thump to sound.

From the company:

M-Puncher identifies...

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Techivation M-Puncher

M-Puncher is the key to crafting punchy mixes with deep low-end thump. Tailor the character of your track's punch using Dynamic Limiting — find the perfect balance between boosting the...

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Wrongtools announces "Kosmos" for Kontakt

Wrongtools has announced Kosmos for Kontakt. They say:

Kosmos is a tasteful collection of modern outer space sounds for professional composers. Offering everything from gentle...

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Wrongtools Kosmos

A tasteful collection of modern outer space sounds for professional composers. Offering everything from gentle brass-like textures, flute sounds, synths and bells and drums from another...

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Rast Sound releases 'Sufi Ney 3' for Kontakt with intro offer

Rast Sound has released Sufi Ney 3, a Kontakt Instrument with diverse solo styles (like Vibrato, Breath, Sustain, and Staccato), tuned phrase plays, varied patterns and long performances....

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SampleScience Virtual Handpan


A handpan is a unique and melodic percussion instrument that consists of two convex steel hemispheres joined together to create...

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sjoerdvankreel Firefly Synth

A semi-modular CLAP and VST3 synthesizer plugin. This is basically InfernalSynth's (https://www.kvraudio.com/product/infernalsynth-by-sjoerdvankreel) big brother.

V1.0 is a...

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SampleScience releases free Wolf Cat Beats plugin for Windows and macOS

SampleScience has announced the release of the Wolf Cat Beats plugin which features 22 drum kits sampled from two infamous analog drum machines of the 2010s.

The plugin includes...

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SampleScience Wolf Cat Beats


Wolf Cat Beats is a plugin that offers 22 drum kits sampled from two infamous analog drum machines of the 2010s. It includes...

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rncbc.org updates Qtractor (v0.9.39) and Vee One Suite (v0.9.34) for Linux

rncbc.org has announced the (northern) Winter'24 release of Qtractor version 0.9.39, and Vee One Suite version 0.9.34 of old-school software instruments, for GNU/Linux.


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The AAP Project (Audio Plugins For Android) ktmidi-ci-tool

ktmidi-ci-tool is a full-featured, cross-platform MIDI-CI controller and testing tool for Android, Desktop and Web browsers. You can use this application to connect your MIDI-CI device...

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AURA Plugins releases Access Virus Editor v24.01.26

AURA Plugins has updated their Access Virus Editor to version 24.01.26. With the new update, users can expect increased transfer speeds of presets with the hardware and improved overall...

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New Loops Augmented Analogue - Phase Plant Presets

Augmented Analogue - Phase Plant Presets
Augmented Analogue - Phase Plant Presets. The concept is simple. Layer organic granular textures with Phase Plant's analogue oscillators to create...

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VOIS is a groundbreaking VST/AU/AAX plugin designed specifically for audio creatives leveraging cutting-edge technology to enhance your workflow and unlock a world of creative possibilities....

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Drumdrops Brad Webb Studio Kit

The Brad Webb Studio Kit is a beautiful Gretsch Broadcaster that we meticulously sampled during Brad's session recording his Studio Beats album. It has a variety of snares and vintage cymbals,...

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Digital Brain Instruments vPlayer 4 Lite

vPlayer 4 Lite is a 64-bits VST/AU host developed for playing live an audio plugin rig on stage or while doing a rehearsal, for jamming with virtual synths or for quick testing new plugins...

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ProjectSAM Symphobia

ProjectSAM's Symphobia is the ideal orchestral sample library for film, TV, and video game scoring. It's an expansive library loaded with ensemble multi-samples spanning a range of orchestrations...

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Excite Audio Bloom Vocal Aether

Effortless Vocals

Bloom Vocal Aether combines vocal loops, one-shots and phrases into a playable instrument and has been engineered and curated to provide a stunning sonic experience...

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SynQR - Measure Your DAW's Video Offset with Your iPhone. Reliably. In Real-Time.

Ever feel like the audio and video in your setup are just slightly off?

It's a...

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