Kush Audio Omega 458A

Omega 458a Tubes & Iron

This rarefied tube emulation has a fat tone that breaks up in delicious ways, growing increasingly crusty but never harsh, turning cymbals from brass to...

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KaranyiSounds Space

Space is a reverb effect focusing on unique, but naturalistic and clean reverberations. Similarly to its big brother Poly Space, Space combines pristine DSP algorithms and vivid impulse responses...

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KaranyiSounds Electric Keys

Immerse yourself in the sonic essence of retro with Electric Keys – the plugin that revives the beloved tones of classic FM electric pianos. Crafted for the neo-80s music connoisseur, it offers...

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New Nation Audio Digital Echoes Dimensional Delay

Step into a mesmerizing sonic realm where ethereal echoes cascade through the air like shimmering stardust, immersing your tracks in a cinematic tapestry of otherworldly beauty. Harness the power...

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KaranyiSounds Vapor Dimension

Vapor Dimension is a studio-quality modulation plugin that adds rich, vintage colors and wideness to your synths, keys, pads, guitars, vocals and more. 20 built in DSP algorithms, easy on CPU...

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Neutone Neutone Morpho

Neutone Morpho is a realtime tone morphing plugin. Its cutting-edge machine learning technology can transform any sound into something new and inspiring. Neutone Morpho directly processes audio,...

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Audec Heat

Heat is a distortion plug-in with four distortion types.

It has an auto-gain function for an efficient workflow. With a boost function to multiply the amount of gain, it can...

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Neutone Neutone FX

Neutone FX makes AI technologies accessible for all to experiment with. You'll find transformative AI audio instruments that will spark endless creative possibilities.

Neutone FX...

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Outobugi Termos

Saturation to distortion. HEAT is not only drive but also feeds the signal back to itself before saturation. This creates a warm but dirty sound. If you push things too far, DYNAMICS can...

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Outobugi Extend

Stereo widener with two distinct algorithms. No phase issues when summed to mono. MODE 1 delays mono signal and flips the phase of the right channel. MODE 2 same as previous but uses comb...

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Outobugi Dualcut

Low-pass and high-pass filters. From 12 up to 60 dB per octave slopes. Both parameters are smoothed for automation.

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Outobugi Dynastor

Upwards and downwards compression. Dynastia's dynamics processing in a compact form. Includes all the same modes as Dynastia. LR processes L and R separately, MS processes mid and side,...

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Moog Music Labyrinth

Labyrinth introduces a new voice architecture with unique oscillators, a different filter topology, wavefolding, and parallel processing. This innovative design also features unique dual...

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Sound Dust ##HOBBES##

##HOBBES## is a precision tool and a wild ride, it is part micro-beat drummer and part commotion-sculpting agent of chaos:
48 Instruments: noises, acoustic drums, electronic drums...

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Sampleson Wursy Electric Piano

Experience the nostalgia and timeless charm of classic electric pianos with Wursy - the cutting-edge VST electric piano meticulously crafted using old-school subtractive synthesis techniques....

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yg331 JS Inflator

JS Inflator is a copy of Sonnox Inflator.

Runs in double precision 64-bit internal processing.

Also double precision input / output if supported.


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Chaos Audio Starlight - Night Sky Reverb

Starlight is a shimmer reverb. Designed to produce the wonder of staring up at the night sky, it has the ability to include twinkling octaves on the reverb trail.

With loads...

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Audio Damage Continua

Continua is a virtual analog synth with a twist: a continuously morphable threesome of oscillators. With three interconnected controls defining the wave shape, Continua has a virtually...

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Pulsar Modular P450 MDN EQ

P450 MDN EQ:
4 bands EQ with stepped frequency and gain. Low & High Shelf- stepped. Gain Multiplier to cover alternative gain and Q. Op-amp behavior and signature punch.

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Pulsar Modular P455 MDN Sidecar

The P455 MDN Sidecar is a summing and 2-bus mixing and mastering audio plugin capturing the analog chain of Marc Daniel Nelson, a two-time Grammy and French Academy Award-nominated mixing...

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