smaolab M4L FXS Morphing Parameter

Free Creative MaxForLive - XY Morphing Effect

The concept:
FX Morphing Parameter Controller is a plug-in that manipulates any Ableton Live parameter & any VST/AU...

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UVI Aurora

Aurora - Textured Piano


UVI Aurora comes from the need for a creative, modern-oriented piano sound - reinforcing the piano's powerful tonal signature with...

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Eplex7 DSP Alien Ossarium

Eplex7 DSP Alien Ossarium - dark mythical plugin effect VST

Something different from other underworlds. Decompose sound into quantum particles from parallel worlds. Subsequently,...

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Embody Immerse Spatial Audio Production Suite for Pro Tools

Everything you need to create spatial audio is now integrated with Pro Tools. Immerse Spatial Audio Production Suite is a unified virtual workflow for Surround Sound and Spatial mixing...

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Embody Immerse Virtual Studio Signature Edition - Lursen Mastering

In the craft of mastering, access to a balanced room is critical to achieving a great result. Enter one of the world's most iconic mastering studios and hone your production skills within...

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Embody Immerse Virtual Studio Signature Edition - Alan Meyerson

Immerse Virtual Studio Alan Meyerson Signature Edition makes it possible to mix and monitor Surround Sound and Atmos content in up to 7.1.6 channels on headphones, from inside the most...

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Embody Immerse Virtual Studio Signature Edition - Apple Music

Render Apple Spatial Audio on Any DAW. Apple binaural technology is now fully integrated into the Immerse Virtual Studio Signature Edition ecosystem. Create spatial audio for Apple Music...

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FREE NEW synth plugin, lovingly crafted by ZAYNE.

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Sound Magic EZVox

Introducing EZVox, your all-in-one solution for enhancing vocal tracks.

This powerful tool is designed to elevate your vocals effortlessly. Packed with essential effects like...

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Polyspectral releases Polyspectral MBC - Multiband Compressor

Polyspectral has announced the release of Polyspectral MBC, a multiband compressor plug-in.

Sporting a clear, intuitive interface, Polyspectral MBC offers mastering-quality...

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Cherry Audio releases CR-78 - Virtual Drum Machine

Cherry Audio has announced the release of its first virtual drum instrument, the CR-78 drum machine. Here's what they say:

CR-78 is based on the 1978 analog rhythm box popularized...

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Cherry Audio CR-78 Drum Machine

An Outside of the Box Experience

CR-78 -- Cherry Audio's first virtual drum machine -- accurately recreates the punchy analog sounds and 34 onboard preset rhythms of the first...

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Adam Szabo updates Viper to v1.2.2 for Windows with bug fixes and CPU improvements

Adam Szabo has updated Viper to version 1.2.2 for Windows, a free update for all Viper users.

Viper 1.2.2 is downward-compatible with all previous versions. All existing song-projects...

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Bjt2 updates free Crescendo programmable VST plugin to v1.0.103 for Windows

Bjt2 has updated the free Crescendo plugin to version 1.0.103 with various enhancements and bug fixes.

Changes in 1.0.103 from 1.0.99:

Added new...

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Schallenberg Engineering Percussive Piano

Not your usual percussion

Percussive Piano includes 15 unique articulations of the piano being played by sticks, mallets or hands.

We sampled all articulations while...

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Toontrack releases Session Organ EKX expansion for EZkeys 2

Toontrack has released the Session Organ EKX, the fourth expansion developed exclusively for the new EZkeys 2 format and the first tonewheel-based organ ever in the EZkeys Line.

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Toontrack Music Session Organ EKX

Few instruments have made marks in music history so indelible that they in the process have become just as famed as some of the songs that were created on them. The Hammond* organ is undoubtedly...

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BFD Drums updates BFD Player to v1.2 - More Drum Kits, Mix Presets and Grooves

BFD Drums has updated the free BFD Player to v1.2, adding additional drum kits, mix presets and grooves, while providing customized workflow opportunities.

With an ever-increasing...

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OSC Audio updates Kalimba Keys to v1.1 - New Controls & Optimized GUI

OSC Audio has released version 1.1 of Kalimba Keys, their sample based instrument with new features and improvements.

New in Kalimba Keys v1.1:
New Feature: Pre/Post...

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Altar of Wisdom AutoGate

AutoGate is a Max 4 Live audio device, that processes incoming audio input, and automatically gates random sequences providing:
Time allocation control between 4 different length...

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