MeldaProduction Releases MCenter - Free for a Limited Time

MeldaProduction has announced the newest addon to MeldaProduction portfolio, MCenter. MCenter will also be available for free until the 18th of February.

MCenter is a simple...

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MeldaProduction MCenter

Find the true mid/side balance

We designed MCenter to unlock the full potential of your stereo signal. This simple yet powerful plugin is designed to give you unparalleled...

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Reflex Acoustics AutomaticLite

Dynamics on the go.
AutomaticLite is a simplified, free version of our AutomaticDynamic plugin. It's an automatic compressor that's effortless to calibrate to your material.


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Audioblast releases RaveGenerator3 for MacOS, Windows & Linux

Audioblast has announced the release of RaveGenerator3. Here's what they say:

RaveGenerator3 is a Sampler instrument intended to recreate the "rave" and Techno sounds from...

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Audioblast RaveGenerator3

RaveGenerator3 is a sampler designed for rave stabs sounds from the 90's and later.

The sound engine is intended for getting the gritty and crunchy sounds of early samplers,...

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FMJ-Software updates Awave Studio to v12.3

FMJ-Software has updated Awave Studio, the file format converter and instrument editor that reads a plethora of audio carrying file formats from different platforms, synthesizers, VSTs...

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discoDSP updates Corona synth to v6.2

discoDSP has updated Corona to v6.2, introducing several updates including the classic skin now automatically switching to the dark variant, minor theme adjustments for an improved look...

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Altar of Wisdom AutoGrid

AutoGrid is a Max 4 Live audio device, that creates random grid synths patterns from up to 4/8 incoming tracks, and mixes them with current track, ducking it if needed.


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Homegrown Sounds releases Audio Morpher v0.9

Homegrown Sounds has announced the release of version 0.9 of Audio Morpher, an application designed to use existing folders of samples to create completely new sample content....

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Homegrown Sounds Audio Morpher


Audio Morpher is an application designed to use existing folders of samples added to the sample pool to create completely new sample content. It uses various...

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Bossart Analytics SYNDRM KICK BASS LOOPS m9
This is Volume 9 of our new sound series ( Our mini sample...

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New Loops Genetic Mutations - Dune 3 Presets

Genetic Mutations - Dune 3 Presets (Dune Sound Bank)
ALERT! Our latest sound experiments have evaded our high-tech security and escaped from the New Loops laboratory! Get ready to augment...

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Quiet Music SynToPix Lite

SynToPix Lite is a free virtual instrument with 5 multisampled presets, taken from the full version. These presets offer synthetic toy piano sounds, created by an advanced AI using real...

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Reflex Acoustics releases free Dynamic Range Meter plugin (VST3/AU)

Reflex Acoustics has released Reflex Dynamic Range Meter, a free plugin that helps to visualize dynamic range across the frequency spectrum.

From the company:


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TBProAudio releases TBPAMove - Rhythmic Filter, Gain and Pan Effect Plugin (VST, AU & AAX)

TBProAudio has released TBPAMove, a creative filter effect plugin. It offers two independent filters and a high-resolution oscilloscope.

The idea for TBPAMove came from working...

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Organic Instruments releases free Glockenspiel instrument for Elemental Player

Organic Instruments have released a new free virtual instrument called Glockenspiel, saying:

Glockenspiel is an enjoyable, uncomplicated toy performed with inventive techniques....

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organic instruments Glockenspiel


An enjoyable, uncomplicated toy performed with inventive techniques.

Clean & Refreshing

Clear recordings with consistent, percussive...

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Quiet Music SynToPix

SynToPix is a virtual instrument that offers a unique collection of entirely synthetic toy piano sounds. It was developed using an advanced AI tool, which drew upon a variety of real toy...

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Reflex Acoustics Reflex Dynamic Range Meter

Monitor your dynamic range across the frequency spectrum.

The Reflex Dynamic Range Meter helps you visualize the dynamics in your signal, by showing the real-time loudness distribution...

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Polyspectral Polyspectral MBC

Polyspectral MBC is a multiband compressor plug-in. It is built to be efficient and sonically transparent, with ultra-low latency so it can be used for real-time applications like tracking...

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